Colposcopy and investigation and treatment of abnormal smears

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Colposcopy and investigation and treatment of abnormal smears

The Gynaecology Group offer comprehensive Investigation and treatment options following the reporting of cervical smear abnormalities. Normally further investigation and treatment can be performed within a week.

Facilities to undertake Colposcopy are available at the Nuffield Hospital. This is an investigation of the cervix with a microscope where a small biopsy of the cervix may be undertaken to confirm the abnormality. A local anaesthetic is sometimes required but the procedure usually is completed in 20 minutes and normal activities can be resumed following.

Treatment to remove precancer changes are also routinely undertaken in the outpatient suite under local anaesthetic. In some situations a general anaesthetic would be recommended or can be undertaken at patient request.

Only a minority of women will require treatment but increased surveillance with more frequent cervical smears and Colposcopy can be undertaken to minimise the likelihood of precancer progression.

Further information is available via the Nuffield Hospital website or the British Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology website.