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The extensive experience of our private Consultants at The Gynaecology Group allows up-to-date treatment of a complete range of gynaecological conditions. Treatments for gynaecological conditions may vary from reassurance to simple, non-hormonal or hormonal medication to minor or major surgery.

The Consultants in The Gynaecology Group combine clinical excellence and extensive experience in the treatments we offer. As well as being experienced 'open' and 'vaginal' surgeons all four consultants are Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons, making any surgery as safe as possible.

Laparoscopic hysterectomy

The Gynaecology Group are a team of highly specialised surgeons able to undertake this advanced technique for the majority of hysterectomy procedures.

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hysteroscopy and treaments

An outpatient procedure allowing quick and accurate diagnosis of abnormal vaginal bleeding .

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mirena fitting & removals

A coil that releases hormone within the uterus to provide contraception and effective treatment for heavy periods.

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A microscope examination of the cervix to investigate abnormal cervical smears or appearance.

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Management of Vaginal prolapse

Your specialist will advise of treatments including physiotherapy, pessary support or surgical options.

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cervical smears

Your specialist can undertake and interpret smear test results and provide a management plan.

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Rapid investigations and diagnosis of cancer

The Gynaecology Group can see you urgently and provide a comprehensive range of investigations to rule out cancer.

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Rapid surgical treatment for cancer

Following a diagnosis of cancer the team can provide immediate access to specialised surgical treatments.

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Investigation and treatment of pelvic pain

Ultrasound and laparoscopy examinations can be arranged to diagnose and treat common causes or pelvic pain.

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Management of Fibroids

Expert advice can be provided to advise of the benefits of non surgical, radiological and surgical treatments for fibroids.

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