Investigation and treatment of pelvic pain

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Investigation and treatment of pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is a very common presenting symptom in gynaecology but correct assessment and development of a treatment plan is complex and may require input from a multidisciplinary medical team including gastroeneterology, physiotherapy and psychology specialists.

Detailed history taking is a key element with access to imaging such as ultrasound and MRI. Laparoscopy may be required to confirm the presence of endometriosis. The numerous treatment options will be discussed which include analgesia, hormonal treatments (Including Progesterones i.e Mirena coilâ„¢, Combined contraceptive pills, GnRh analogues and surgery.

Almost all surgery undertaken by the team is completed laparoscopically with endometriosis usually being excised rather than only diathermied (heated) as this technique is more likely to remove deep endometriosis completely.